How to entice online & offline shoppers through SCRM?

November 5, 2018

Knowing every customer and being able to communicate with them anytime & anywhere have always been the goal for companies. With Social CRM (SCRM), this is no longer a trouble. In short, SCRM is the use of social media for organizations to engage customers. Companies use the tool to dig out customer information and online behaviour. This information is used for personalized communication later.

What’s more, SCRM not only allows you to follow your online shoppers along their journey, but also be there for your offline shoppers whenever and wherever. Let’s look at how it works.

Know the very details about your customers

With SCRM, your knowledge about customers is no longer just the basics (e.g. gender or date of birth). Nonetheless, you are able to know every aspect of their life! For example, if someone post a selfie on Weibo with the location ‘Great wall’, your SCRM will immediately recognize and mark down the location as ‘Beijing’. Moreover, your knowledge of your customer also extends to the people in his/her network. For instance, if a lot of people in the person’s network ‘liked’ a post of a Christmas party, then it’s very likely that your customer is also interested in attending this party.

Nurture interest

Now that you already know the details about your audiences. It’s time to be the little fairy who offers each person exactly what they want.
With the information stored in your SCRM, you are able to personalize content for your readers based on their labels. For example, send your store information in Beijing to the person who just posted a picture at the Great Wall. Similarly, you can also personalize your website for different viewers: show winter jackets for those who are living in the cold north; and sweaters for those living in the warm south.

Strengthen loyalty & expect more

Once someone’s interest has been fully nurtured and made a purchase, it’s time to strengthen his/her loyalty and expect repeated purchases. With SCRM, an email is triggered real-time as an order confirmation and a thank you note. What’s more, product recommendation should also be included in the email to attract further purchase. The recommendation could be based on previous purchase (e.g. supplementary good), location (special promotions going on in the city where the person lives) or any other attribute that could intrigue them.

Remind your customers as if they are gold fishes

It’s common that someone check out on a product (or add it to the shopping cart) and forgets about it. With SCRM, a remarketing campaign will be triggered to remind the person of his/her view history. In the ad, you can also provoke the purchase by showing that his/her friends are also interested in the same product. If the person still leaves the product behind, send a text message to offer a special deal on the abandoned order.

Not online? Follow wherever your customers are!

Of course we don’t want to miss out on those who prefer to shop in offline stores. SCRM enables to you to follow your customers when they are walking on the street. With the beacons, you are able to trigger an SMS/Wechat message when someone is close to your store and invite him/her for a visit. What’s more, you can also include a coupon in this message to further motivate this person to come.


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