We help shape your Digital Marketing Channels in China.

From strategy to execution, everything you need in one place.

What you need

China digital marketing agency lead generation


Reach more potential customers with our omni-channel focus on bigger as well as niche platforms.

China digital marketing agency Engagement


Get the right content for every channel to make your customer love and trust your brand.

China digital marketing agency Conversion


Convince your customers to buy with the right message at the right time with clever automation.

What We Do


Having a presence on WeChat is a must, we help brands and companies to make the most of this channel within the larger Digital Marketing strategy.


As the most popular PR type social platform of China Weibo should not be forgotten. We help clients utilize all the features of Weibo.

Niche platforms

Don't put all your eggs in one basket, definitely in China. Which is exactly why we help clients find the best Niche platforms to market on.

KOL campaigns

KOLs or influencers are a great way for to reach a target audience. We help brands find the right match, preferably Niche KOLs with dedicated followers.

Content Management

Keeping up a steady stream of content is key in any market but crucial in China. We help brands to stay active through ongoing content management support.


Relevant and personalized content will help set a brand apart from competition. In order to achieve that we setup a Social CRM for brands in China.

Whether you are a Newbie, already Advanced or even an Expert - we are here to help!

You do not have a presence in China yet

You would like a full road map of how to launch your Digital Marketing in China from scratch.

You have a relatively small presence in China

You are well on your way to success but need a bit more guidance or support to get there.

You are settled in China with a significant team

You have all your ducks in a row but would like to optimize or outsource some elements.

Why let us help?

Full service execution for your digital marketing needs

We help build your digital marketing presence in China, being your team on the ground, helping you from strategy to execution.​

Local Chinese knowledge & international presence

The combination of our experienced Chinese and Western project managers gives you the best of both worlds.

We love sharing our expertise with you and your team

We will make sure you know everything you need to know to make your business even more successful in China.​​​

These are some of the brands that have trusted us to help them improve their Digital Marketing Channels in China. 

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