Digital Marketing Channels


WeChat is, with more than 950 million monthly active users, the most popular messaging app in China. By setting up an official account for your brand, we’ll create a direct line between you and your customers that enables you to share your brand’s message, engage and interact with your followers, and even sell your goods and services.


Weibo – often referred to as the Chinese version of Twitter but so much more – offers incredible opportunities for your brand to grow brand awareness and engage with potential customer audiences. Through your Weibo account, you’ll be able to reach an audience of existing customers and interested buyers through an unlimited number of posts, whilst gathering vital data and insights into Chinese people and their customs, needs, and preferences.

Key Opinion Leader

Key Opinion Leaders are influential public figures that have developed massive digital audiences by creating viral content, and can be an effective way for your brand to reach and influence thousands or even millions of potential customers. As your agency, we will help you choose one or multiple KOLs whose image correspond(s) best with your brand’s message and design campaigns for these KOLs involving for example original content posts, livestreams and product reviews.


SMS marketing in China remains one of the most cost effective ways to reach your target audience. By adding text messages to your multi-channel approach, you’ll be able to reach your customers and track their behavior anytime and anywhere.


If well designed and properly executed, email marketing campaigns are a very effective way to reach your customers. By creating 360-degree customer profiles and customizing your email design, we will make sure your emails are visually and content-wise appealing to all your customers.


With more than 325 million online viewers in total, live streaming in China is becoming the most popular video format. Especially when featured by KOLs – by embedding for example product reviews and brand recommendation in live videos hosted by KOLs – livestreaming will make your promotional activities more convincing and effective.