Our trusted partners

We provide even better services to our clients with the help of our trusted long term partners!

Webpower is a recognized, global player in marketing automation software, and has been helping clients reach and convert their Chinese audience since 2006.

“It takes local knowledge to achieve interaction and brand awareness in China”

Livecom is market leader in the area of customer communication and online conversion solutions, allowing companies to help their customers faster and more efficiently.

“Omni-communication channels, one single web app for all your customer care”

iPinYou is a world leading digital advertising company. Through data and machine learning algorithms, iPinYou served thousands of brands across Asia, Europe and North America.

“Programmatic buying has been reshaping the entire digital ad industry”

MobileNow has a wealth of mobile experience in planning, UX and UI design. Development and launching projects they can provide guidance, assistance and direction at each stage of a mobilisation strategy.

“Our team is small, but our ideas are big and we really have what it takes to make them happen”

China Skinny provides a full suite of interrelated marketing, research and digital services. Every project and campaign is tailored, tapping into their vast experience, in-depth market knowledge and tools, and relationships throughout China.

“The more unique and localized the experience, the greater engagement you will see”

Netbooster enables its clients to create, change and expand their business thanks to individual digital strategies matching their consumer, business, staff and product needs. 

“The continuous improvement and development of our campaigns to stay in line with the market trends will produce the best results for you”

The George helps brands consolidate in the markets with a media neutral approach and strong new media skills. With offices in Milan, Barcelona and Shanghai, The George offers strategy, creativity and solutions without frontiers.

“We support our clients wherever the business may bring them tomorrow”

Brandigo is a global brand strategy agency that helps organizations to stand out. Brandigo builds business success by ensuring vision, business and brand strategy are aligned with marketing, sales, and every last person within your organization.

“Ordinary companies rarely change the world”

TMO Group provides technology solutions for E-commerce, O2O, mobile and cloud value-added services. Through their years of experience on E-commerce, they service both international and Asian B2B and B2C companies with solutions in Asia and in cross-border markets.

“Engaging into long-term partnerships and growing with our clientele, making our clients success to our success”

JingDigital offers an end-to-end marketing solution that enables brands to execute impactful social marketing on WeChat. Their platform enables you to create a personal connection with your customers, and to continually listen, act, measure and optimize your WeChat Marketing.

“We’re a group of engineers, designers and user experience creators delivering ROI for our customers using the most effective techniques and technologies”

31TEN creates digital solutions and strategies to help businesses transform, grow and scale in the complexity of the Chinese digital landscape. Based on your business goals and expected short and long term ROI, the experts at 31TEN choose the most effective solutions for what you really need within a controlled time and resource frame.

“We create step-by-step strategies for you to be measurably brilliant at digital”

Kawo is a management platform helping brands and their global teams to work effectively together in building a social presence in China. Besides planning, scheduling and posting content on WeChat and Weibo, KAWO also provides valuable insights to help brands understand which content works best. 

“KAWO makes brands loved on social media in China”

These are our main partners, related to our core business. But, due to our long time presence in China, we have many other connections that might be interesting for you. Do not hesitate to reach out to us about any other possibilities!