Make Up For Ever!

To help Make Up For Ever improve their customer experience, we designed and executed a Social Customer Relationship Management campaign. We aggregated all data sources including offline sales, online sales, and social media to establish a rich user profile. Based on the available data, we designed an omni channel communication plan involving product recommendations based on purchase history, promotion information based on personal interest, customer care such as birthday wishes and membership upgrades and news and tips according to the latest trends in makeup.

Omni channel marketing automation
Furthermore, we set up an omni channel marketing automation platform combining WeChat and Email Direct Marketing. Relevant messages were send through WeChat to nurture conversion, and emails including product recommendations based on purchase history were send. If the messages were opened, a remarketing campaign through behavior tracking was set up automatically. If the messages were not opened, an SMS was automatically send communicating to customers that their fashion tips were waiting for them, with an URL to click to view them. These URLs were personalized, directing customers to personalized promotions.

Offline purchases
Lastly, location-based services were set up to automatically send store information and navigation based on the real-time location of the user, resulting in customers making offline purchases.

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