Discover Hawkers

As Hawkers was a Newbie with no presence in China when they started working with us, we designed a two-phase project that entailed a full road map to enter the Chinese Market – from strategy to execution.

Tmall Global store
During the first phase, we focussed on launching a Tmall Global store and all activities that served this goal. We set up all digital marketing channels, such as a Weibo account and an official WeChat account with a bilingual backend system. To reach consumers through these marketing channels, we set up a content creation plan and helped execute it. Furthermore, we rolled out the first KOL campaigns to promote the launch of the Tmall Global store. For this, we designed for example an 11.11 campaign supported by KOLs, and broadcasted multiple livestreams starring KOLs.

Marketing automation platform
For the second phase, our goal was to make sure Hawkers continued growing after the launch, mainly by focussing on a strong setup. To reach this goal, we integrated a marketing automation platform including Chinese email and SMS channels. Furthermore, we arranged an ICP license for an own-brand website and optimized this own-brand website for china, i.e. mobile friendly. Lastly, we set up SEM/SEO campaigns and localised the own-brand website.

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