Trust issues in China discussed with the experts

May 11, 2018

On Wednesday, 09th May 2018, AgencyChina, as a digital marketing agency, had the pleasure of hosting a partner event to discuss about trust issues in China at Cotton’s in Shanghai.

AgencyChina aims to connect all partners across different sectors together in order to have a better understanding of each others products and services with the end goal of servicing all our client better. #partnership #transparency #cooperation

Everyone was divided into three groups to talk about trust issues in China from 3 different angles. Each group had very unique and interesting answers to their questions!

Q1:What is the origin of trust issues for Chinese consumers? 

“Lack or consistency and lack of a good systems to guide trust. Especially now that the society is getting wealthier and having more spending power there is more to safeguard in terms of quality and standards.”

Q2: How has the trust of Chinese consumers developed over the years?

“It developed mostly based on technology. The first name coming to mind being Alibaba in terms of setting up the infrastructure to build trust. But it goes further than just online reviews and comments, it includes safe payments, insurance, and trust between consumers and merchants, both ways.”

Q3: How do brands tackle the issue of lack of trust from Chinese consumers?

“The basics are always crucial, having a local online presence, and being reachable for the customer, all facilitated by technology in a way. This all builds trust. But one example brought forward was probably the ultimate technical “holy grail”. A chicken producer who uses Block chain technology to track each chicken from birth, what it eats, where it grows up, and how and where it is ‘processed’ before being put on a shelf for a consumer to buy. Simply scan the QR code and know every single detail about your dinner. #ChickChain “


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