Top 3 Valentine’s Day WeChat Moments Ads

February 15, 2018
China has its own official Valentines day on the 17th of August  (Double Seventh), and an unofficial Valentine’s Day on the 20th of May (520 day) because the numbers sound like “I love you” in Chinese.

But all those cupid arrows haven’t saturated the loving couples in China because for years now they also celebrate the Western Valentine’s Day on the 14th of February. And as is always the case in China the celebration would not be complete without numerous brand campaigns.

This time we looked at digital marketing campaigns that started from an advertisement on WeChat moments.  We collected our top 3 for you here!

No 3. Chanel     

Chanel did a beautiful campaign around their Camélia series. Starting from a Moments ad that instructed men to buy their beloved partners more than just a regular flower, instead they should give Camélia  Once clicked the campaign lead to a dedicated mini site with videos and other visual material. And if the user clicked any specific product it would link them to the mobile website of Chanel.

The reason Chanel is in third place is because the campaign did not allow for any immediate purchases, not even a mere gift voucher or down payment. However, from the product page of the mobile website users could choose to locate a store closest to them to where they could purchase the chosen item.


No 2. Dior

In second place is Dior with an inspiring campaign that revolved around a contribution to charity. For every bottle of perfume or gift voucher that was bought, Dior would donate 1 USD to the WE Charity.

Besides the being very generous the campaign was also executed very well, making use of a Mini program. The Mobile site of Dior even showed an automatic pop up of the Mini program QR code which we thought was very smart.

The same setup was used for the Chinese New Year campaign and gift vouchers, they were put in the same mini program. And of course, all purchases were fully integrated with WeChat pay.

No 1. Tiffany

And on number 1, using a new feature from WeChat, Tiffany wins the Valentine’s day moments campaign in our opinion.

Initially the campaign showed a regular campaign image, once clicked it would lead to the campaign page with a video and links to their online store.

But once users liked the campaign on their moments the image was replaced by another image hinting to a second part of the campaign “Know how to love, it is worth it”. Once clicked it lead to another campaign page with more videos of inspiring love stories.

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