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April 24, 2018
It is another win for Tencent in the digital marketing battle for the attention of Chinese Netizens. A new WeChat Mini Program game which is taking China by storm. Like its popular predecessors Tiaoyitiao (jumping from box to box) it is a pretty simple yet addicting game. Little balls come falling down the screen in a direction of your choosing. The goal is to break down the shapes on the screen before they move to the top of the screen in between turns, a little like Tetris blocks hitting the top of your screen.

Immediately 2 questions come to mind:

1. Will they start putting advertisements in this game like they did with Tiaoyitiao?

Curious how they will fit it in the little elements but I’m sure it can be done.

2. How is this game spreading so quickly??

As far as we can tell it is not being promoted by means of any advertisement. And looking for it in WeChat search leads us to a copycat. (Yes, you read that correctly, this game has only been around for days and there is already a cheap knock-off!)

For now this new Mini Program seems to ride the high of Word-of-mouth in China. It is easy to forward the game to friends and share the fun.

(left the real game, right the copycat)

Our office is a sea of little white and yellow balls flying around on screens. I have also tried it and quite successfully I thought, 9th place amongst my friends. But my victory was short lived. Only minutes later a colleague beat my score. Ah well.. back to work I guess.

Stay tuned to learn more about the possibilities to promote mini programs as that will be one of our next blog posts!

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