Global Merchants Double Over 618

250,000 merchants and brands from around the globe participated in this year’s 6.18 on Tmall, more than double last year. Of these, two-thirds expected Tmall would be their primary sales channel for 618, according to a third-party survey.

Millennial Develops Livestream e-Commerce

In five short years, a millennial’s flash of inspiration proved to be a game-changing model. Livestream technology has not only enhanced the shopping experience for consumers, but reshaped the face of commerce.

Luxury Brands Well-Positioned In China

Analysts at Credit Suisse believe overseas luxury brands are safe from an increase in domestic brand competitiveness. The research team believes famous high-end brands are less affected than their more downmarket peers by the bloom of “Guochao” – the trend that is drawing Chinese consumers towards domestic brands.