He-Economy Takes Off

The consumer needs of the he-economy are just starting to emerge – making this an incredibly exciting China market to watch. The pressure for fashionable, social presentation will continue, meaning that gaming and luxury brands (especially in beauty, sports and footwear) are expected to profit.

Eco-Friendly Awareness Reaches New Heights

When buying things for their home – furniture or electric appliances – Chinese consumers are now thinking more about the eco-friendly ones free from harmful chemicals or emissions which can be harmful to one’s health.

Fund Aims to Unlock Beauty Investments in China

Shiseido China has announced the launch of a Beauty Innovations Fund in collaboration with Boyu Capital. The fund, which is due to start this year after the relevant regulatory filings are complete, will explore investment opportunities among emerging Chinese brands in cosmetics and wellness. 

China’s Extraordinary Pet Industry

China’s pet industry is booming. The number of dogs and cats kept by urban residents reached 100.84 million in 2020, according to the 2020 Chinese Pet Industry White Paper jointly published by Chinese social networks for pet owners Goumin and Pet Fair Asia.