US Trivia hype has now also reached China

January 15, 2018

One of the latest hypes in the United States is the highly addictive HQ Trivia app.  And as always China has taken over the concept and, using its massive market, amplified it 10-fold! The app takes the form of a live game show, played in the US at 9 PM Eastern Time every day, and … Read More

Fashion Blogger Sells 100 Cars On WeChat In 5 Minutes

August 1, 2017

On July 22nd, 100 people bought a car on WeChat. This is easily one of the most interesting WeChat ecommerce case studies to date. How were the cars sold? What sales techniques did they use? Why was this campaign such a success? 100 limited edition MINI Cooper, a total value of 30 million RMB, sold … Read More

Cross-border ecommerce in China: localization

July 18, 2017

For international companies in China, MNCs and SMEs, localizing marketing strategy is hard. First, it’s a big challenge to sell almost anything in the (over-) saturated market. Second, find the right proposition is also tricky. Resting on the laurels of ‘foreign heritage’ is no longer the way out. With millions of foreign brands flooding into … Read More

Cross border ecommerce in China: the basics of TPs

June 26, 2017

If an international brand wants to establish online business in China, Tmall is the marketplace it can almost never avoid. To make things easier, brands can work with Tmall Provides (TPs). These agencies offer help from A to Z: establishing a Tmall store, sorting out legal issues, protecting your IP and strategizing your marketing campaign…Below … Read More

2017 China KOL report: what you need to know

May 31, 2017

The KOL market in China is massive – not only in terms of revenue, but also the tremendous number of influencers available for brands home and abroad. To help companies better plan their KOL strategy, AdMaster and released the 2017 China KOL report this month. Here’s what you need to know. First of all, … Read More

Cross-border ecommerce in China: platforms & entry strategy

May 7, 2017

If you are still only thinking about Tmall & JD when it comes to cross-border ecommerce in China, then you definitely need to catch up. In recent years, many western players, especially fashion retailer, have tapped into the Chinese ecommerce market. These platforms offer custom clearance and free shipping services, so that cross-border purchase is … Read More